Gartenstudios organizes on 09th & 10th of July 2022 another community weekend of creative vibes and good energies for kids & their families, who just have came from Ukraine to Berlin in the last weeks and months, to feel togetherness and feel welcome in our berlin community.

We provide a safe space for our guests to arrive, to play,  to be together and experience inter connectedness.

Thanks to all these wonderful humble and talented friends from ukraine, berlin or somewhere in the world supporting us with their skills, talents and much needed donations too.

For our ukrainian new-Berliners these two days are free of charge.

Saturday July 9th 11-18h

Sunday July 10th  11-18h

besides pottery, glacing, wood carving, playing, painting, BBQ and much more there might be yoga too- so please bring comfortable clothes.


GARTENSTUDIOS on normal days is a rental space for your production with a flow.

centrally located in Berlin. open for your ideas & bookings.

A white yet cosy studio with daylight and high ceiling. 250 square meter indoor. 250 square meter outdoors.

And a secluded garden in the back. For your lunchbreak. your urban garden locationshots. your workshops in boutique urban jungle.

This space is magic because it can be what you want it to be: creative playground, photo studio, film studio, workshop,  berlin location,  casting suite, creative space,  ppm meeting room,  fitting studio, conference venue, showroom, screening room, cinema, dinner space.

We are happy to not need an elevator: all entrances are on groundfloor.

Please get in touch & visit us to experience the impeccable energies of GARTENSTUDIOS.